Hello! I’m Ashley.

I believe everyone should be able to have products in their homes that don’t harm their health.

Unfortunately, there are TONS of chemicals in our everyday products that have been scientifically PROVEN to be harmful and toxic to our bodies.

How does this happen? I couldn’t believe that our government would allow these blatantly harmful chemicals into our lives without any regulation.

I mean, this had to just be fear mongering of some individuals that just wanted to make a dime on poor susceptible souls.

I was wrong.

After thousands of hours extensive research, I discovered that many of the chemicals used in the TOP NAME BRANDS used by most consumers EVERY DAY have scientifically been proven to be harmful in research studies.

Yet, they have not been banned by the government and are unregulated for our safety.

Not only that, but even some of the brands that claim to be nontoxic or natural….aren’t. Why? Because those are not regulated terms either.

Scary, huh?

Nontoxic Reboot is my quest to give everyone a choice when it comes to their family’s safety. My mission is to share a plethora of tips & research to educate and help you make healthier product choices for you and your family.

I hope that I can simplify the buying process for you when you are looking to switch to safer products, and save you countless hours of scavenging the web in an increasingly confusing and complicated industry of false marketing.

Get rid of the products in your home that could be causing you harm and do the Nontoxic Reboot!